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Can’t afford to travel right now? Find out how to have the time of your life without leaving home.

That expensive trip to a tropical island might sound like the perfect way to unwind, and it can be. But it’s pricey and even if you could afford it, all the preparations – making bookings, packing, especially if you’re travelling with children – can be a huge energy drain, leaving you in need of another holiday to recover. So, if your last getaway left you feeling stressed and worn out or you don’t have the funds to travel to an exotic locale, it might be time to look a little closer to home.

Escape the culture of busyness

Forget the weekends, and all the cooking, cleaning and driving the kids to sport. A staycation is all about ordering in and steering clear of routine. With our busy modern lives, not having an agenda can be unsettling. Master the art of just being, with no schedules, no work and no time constraints. Forge out some mental space for yourself, minus the smartphone.

Go local

If you work full-time, you probably haven’t had much opportunity to enjoy your own town or city and a staycation is just the ticket. Visit a museum or art gallery, book tickets to a play or check reviews and try that new restaurant you’ve been driving straight past for months.

Avoid the crowds

The middle of the week has a different feel to the weekends because most people are at work. Take the opportunity to go to a local beach mid-week without battling the weekend crowds. For a real staycation high point, treat yourself to a seafood lunch by the ocean. There’s plenty of mouthwatering options available from fish and chip shops so it doesn’t have to cost the earth. If the ocean is not your thing, try lunch at a local cafe and enjoy the local ambiance. Or take a handmade picnic to a local park.

Go on retreat

A week or two holidaying at home is the perfect opportunity to improve your health and wellness, without spending a cent or a minute on air travel. Make a list of some of the activities you might participate in on a health retreat and recreate them at home. Book yourself into a daily yoga class, one or two massages, go out for a daily fresh juice or make one at home. Spend time in the sun (with appropriate protection!). Book appointments you never have time for, like a visit to the osteopath or chiro, and enjoy not rushing.

This article was previously published in the Well at Work Newsletter


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