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Create A Culture of Happiness As Part Of Your Corporate Health Program

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A culture of happiness can contribute to the prosperity of an organisation.

There is nothing new in this statement, it is common knowledge that when employees are happy at work and in their lives, they are more productive.

Not only are they more productive, but research show that happy employees, compared to their less happy colleagues, can bring a lot more to their organisations. They make decisions more effectively, experience less conflict working in teams, cope better with organisational changes, tackle a bigger range of tasks, have superior interpersonal skills, are more organised, benefit from better physical and mental health so are less prone to be off sick, are more resilient, feel more commitment to their organisations, and the list goes on and on. So it DOES matter whether your staff are happy at work or not.

Contrary to the belief that people become happy because they are successful, research psychologist and ‘happiness’ author professor Sonja Lyubomirksy shows in her book Does Happiness Promote Career Success? that it’s actually the opposite that is true. Most people gain success in their life due to their happy disposition as life circumstances only account for about ten per cent of our happiness picture. Our individual happiness set point or genes determines another 50 per cent, leaving a significant 40 per cent of our capacity for happiness within our own power to change.

So when you create a culture of happiness, you gain similar benefits enjoyed by organisations already blessed with a large number of happy staff members.

But how can you create a culture of happiness as part of your corporate health program, without having to drastically change your existent culture or spend a fortune?

1. Survey your employees. Ask them what they would change to make a happier work environment, and create a Happiness Index to be able to measure its fluctuation throughout the year, depending on the workplace health promotions.

2. Create opportunities for your staff to socialise. A corporate culture of happiness should embrace opportunities for employees to interact in positive, productive ways, even if only during breaks or while engaging in corporate wellness activities.

3. Seek management support and encourage your senior leaders to evaluate their staff’s happiness.

4. Invite corporate health providers to join think tank sessions and brainstrom ideas on corporate health activities that would enhance your employees wellness and health.

5. Implement corporate health programs and initiatives that are focused on physicall, social and team activities proven to have a positive impact on people’s level of happiness. Team Challenges such as Fitness Challenge, or Outback Walkabout are great options to increase your employees wellness, happiness, and productivity.

6. Remember that your staff need to feel in control to be able to influence the 40 per of their capacity for happiness.

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