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Including Holistic Therapies in Your Corporate Health Program

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As holistic therapies rise in popularity, these alternative wellness treatments such as naturopathic medicine, reflexology and yoga can be an organisation’s secret weapon, helping to achieve better focus, energy and productivity and effectively combating stress.

One of the reasons holistic therapies are so suitable for corporate health programs is that they are almost always preventative in nature. A lot of the time treatment involves people cleaning up their diet, getting more rest and learning coping strategies such as meditation and other relaxation techniques. For those with existing health problems, natural therapies can be a great compliment to western medicine and help people attain a more balanced, healthy lifestyle.

The role of Naturopathy in Corporate Health
Prevention is always better than cure, and in corporate health programming we always strive to create long term wellness in employees through healthy living. Naturopaths strongly believe in this preventative approach to wellness and work with patients to isolate and address any unhealthy behaviours and/or pre-existing health conditions.

Naturopathy (‘naturo’ meaning nature and ‘pathy’ meaning disease) looks for natural ways to increase good health and vitality so that the body is able to stay strong and heal itself when necessary. The emphasis is on increasing health rather than decreasing illness which is an empowering and positive approach to health in the workplace.

Most recommendations a naturopath will make can work synergistically with other corporate wellness initiatives such as healthy catering policies, sleep education and physical exercise campaigns. Often employees have never had the opportunity to meet with a naturopath before and appreciate the fresh approach, so naturopathic consultations can also be a good way of increasing interest and participation in programs for those looking for something new or different.

Onsite Iridology Consultations

Often naturopaths will conduct an iridology assessment when meeting a patient to help diagnose any health imbalances. Naturopaths use iridology by studying the eye with a magnifier for any marks on the iris or general discolouration that may indicate a problem with a particular organ or system of the body. For instance a white overlay may indicate an overproduction of uric acid in the body that can indicate kidney problems as well as joint problems such as arthritis.

One-on-one onsite iridology consultations with a qualified naturopath are usually about 15 minutes in length and can be organised by your corporate health programmer. Naturopaths conduct a private iridology assessment with each employee and give practical advice on how to improve any health imbalance through natural alternatives such as good nutrition.

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