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Innovative Flu Vaccination Programs in 2024

How to address the surge and ‘vaccine fatigue’ among your employees this flu season

The 2023 flu season hit harder than expected, marking the worst outbreak of influenza in Australia since 2019. With flu cases soaring by approximately 15% compared to the previous year and vaccination rates on a concerning decline, helping Australians get vaccinated is critically important for all large workforces.

As we approach the flu season of 2024, organisations are looking for innovative solutions to their flu vaccination programs and long-term strategies to prioritise the health of their workforce year-round.

Innovative Vaccination Programs

New strategies are emerging to actively engage employees and boost flu vaccination rates. By incorporating these methods, organisations aim to create a culture of health and promote the importance of flu vaccination among their workforce.

Onsite Vaccinations: Onsite vaccinations are proven to be the most effective method of administering flu vaccines, with higher rates and lower costs compared to other methods. These programs have little effect on staff productivity and result in higher rates of immunisation across workplaces. Healthworks’ onsite vaccinations are easy and effective, supported by a highly experienced mobile immunisation nurse team.

Offsite Vaccinations: Offsite vaccinations allow for employees to attend registered locations to receive their vaccination at a time and location that is more suitable to them. Healthworks provides offsite flu shots at local pharmacies, for any staff who are unable to attend on the day of the vaccination program.

Education Support: Informative educational materials designed to arm employees with important information and provide transparent insight into the flu vaccine’s safety – this helps encourage informed decision-making.

To effectively address vaccine fatigue in the workplace, it’s crucial to provide employees with comprehensive information that is transparent and factual, but also addresses common myths and concerns. The aim is to foster an environment of open communication where employees feel supported and knowledgeable about their role in maintaining a healthy workplace community, but are not forced to join a mandatory program.

Flexible Scheduling Platforms: Utilising technology, access to easy-to-navigate, online booking systems that allow employees to book and attend their vaccination quickly, conveniently and without disrupting productivity has improved vaccination rates.

The Cost of Flu is more than just employee health

Fluctuations in flu vaccination rates are not merely statistics – they translate into real-world impacts on your business productivity. A team sidelined by the flu is a direct hit to operations, customer satisfaction, and financials.

As absenteeism peaks during flu season, companies incur significant costs in the form of sick leave and associated healthcare expenses. Furthermore, the indirect costs such as declined sales, delayed projects, and the negative effect on employee morale can be substantial. It is a chain reaction where one employee’s absence can impede the productivity of an entire team. Flu vaccination programs are an investment in maintaining a robust and functioning business operation.

A Healthier Future

It doesn’t stop with flu season. Year-round health prioritisation is a journey, and employers play a pivotal role in shaping the workplace culture to emphasise employee wellbeing.

There are many programs organisations can introduce to improve employee health and culture, some of these include:

Employers can create a culture that not only protects against seasonal health threats but actively fosters a commitment to long-term health among their workforce.

A Call to Action for a Healthier Australia

As leaders in the business community, you have the influence to impact employee health positively in the face of another potentially challenging flu season by offering onsite workplace vaccinations this flu season.

With the strategic partnership between Healthworks and Australian Vaccine Services, we invite you to partake in what could be the most consequential health initiative of the year—your corporate flu vaccination program.

By prioritising year-round health initiatives and fostering a culture of wellness, organisations can not only mitigate the impact of flu outbreaks but also reinforce a commitment to long-term employee health.

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