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Workplace Wellness Activities

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When discussing the selection of workplace wellness activities with clients, I always try to drive home the point that employee wellness program ideas must come from the needs of the company in order to meaningfully reduce corporate health costs and lift productivity. That said, there are some general employee welfare activities that can work well across a range of industries when tailored appropriately, and I’ve outlined a few of these below.

Workplace Health Expos

Having an onsite health expo is a great way to fulfil a range of corporate health program purposes. First of all it’s a fun, highly visible and easily marketable way of getting staff involved in the company health program and maximum participation always equals maximum return on investment.

Secondly it’s a non-threatening, relaxed environment to conduct voluntary health checks in, identifying any potential risks and giving employees the opportunity to consult with qualified health professionals on how to reduce those health risks and improve their overall wellbeing.

The range of health check stalls and other fun workplace wellness activities can be tailored to suit organisational needs and is a great way to launch a program in its first year then repeat annually to refresh worksite wellness ideas and measure improvements.

Workplace Health Seminars

Education is a powerful tool, and hiring qualified health practitioners to deliver workplace wellness lessons in the form of onsite health seminars is a great way to equip your staff with valuable strategies to improve their health and work productivity. Seminars are especially useful for focusing on a particular health or safety risk that is affecting employee wellbeing and the workplace. Some of the most effective health seminars include ergonomics, nutrition, stress management, sun safety, sleep management and winter health. Many of these are also available in time and money saving online modules too.

Onsite Health Consultations

Another beneficial workplace wellness activity is to have your health program provider organise one-on-one consultations for employees with qualified health professionals.

These are usually 15-20 minutes in length and can include biometric testing like Cholesterol and Blood Pressure to fitness and posture consultations for staff that spend a lot of time at their desk, life coaching consultations for greater work-life balance, nutritional consultations and other specialist consultations such as naturopathy and iridology.

Group-based Workplace Wellness Programs

Many excellent evidence-based wellness workplace activity programs are available through corporate health program providers. Usually comprising 3-4 week team-based challenges, they are often available in either virtual (online) or onsite form and are a really efficient way of getting staff participating and supporting each other’s health and fitness goals. Fitness challenges, nutritional challenges and work-life balance challenges are all available and can include incentives to really boost participation.

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