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It’s no secret that obesity is on the rise in Australia. By 2025 it’s estimated that 72% of Australian adults will be overweight or obese. And that’s going to have profound consequences for workplace health and productivity.

Employees who are obese take an average of 10 more days sick leave than their healthy-weight colleagues, and are more susceptible to depression, anxiety, sleep problems, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Workplace weight loss solutions

With many employees at work for a good third of their day, the workplace plays a major role in an employee’s weight and health. Yes, an unhealthy culture can reinforce unhealthy habits. Long hours without breaks, prolonged sitting, sustained stress – these can all make it difficult to eat healthy.

However, it also means that work is a place where positive change can happen. With the right mix of face-to-face support, advice and information, you can help your employees take control of their weight.

Our NEW You weight loss program does just that. Each employees has four one-on-one consultations with a Nutritionist or Dietitian over 7 weeks, and attends four educational seminars. They receive educational resources, and get the skills, tools, support and motivation they need to lose weight and keep it off.

Don’t have a weight problem at your workplace? You’d be surprised at how much time and energy your employees expend on thinking about diets and weight loss, even if they’re at a healthy weight. Help them make smarter, more informed choices, by giving them access to expert advice and support through our NEW You program. We can brand New You as a “weight management” program for you if you prefer.

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