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Ken has given us some golden nuggets of advice over 2013. Here’s some of his best bits:

Handy statistics for building your business case for corporate wellness

If you’re looking to get a new or improved workplace health program over the line, you need a strong business case. Here are some clear and convincing stats and charts which show the ROI of corporate health.

How to use incentives to boost engagement in your corporate health & wellness program

Incentives and rewards can boost both participation and engagement, but there are a number of pitfalls to avoid. Here Ken explains how to avoid some common mistakes in using incentives.

Mental health is the next big WHS issue — are you ready?

Mental health claims are on the rise, and more and more employees are ready and willing to talk about mental health issues at work. Here are some tips on how to get ready to deal with this growing issue.

What your employees eat affects their productivity

This was one of the most topical issues of 2013 — researching showing that an employee’s personal eating and exercise habits has a direct effect on their productivity.

Working from home: is it good for employee health and wellness?

It’s hard but not impossible to create a health workforce when employees work from home. Here are the pros and cons, plus some expert tips.

How to do corporate wellness when it’s not your real job

A popular one with all our HR and WHS people who go above and beyond every day to deliver a great health and wellness program.

How fun is your corporate health and wellness program?

It’s easy to get hung up on all those ROIs and KPIs and best practice models. This blog reminds you that the best programs are fun to do!


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