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Health awareness events can be a great way to add oomph and focus to your workplace health and wellness program.

While we would never recommend basing your whole annual plan around these events (we know you’ve followed best practice and planned your activities around the needs of your employees as evidenced by your Personal Health Assessment results, haven’t you!), you certainly shouldn’t ignore these handy health days, weeks and months. Here’s why:

1. They give you a great “hook” on which to launch your themed activities (for example, Skin Cancer Week is a great time to roll out your Corporate Heath Checks)

2. They help you keep health & wellness top of mind in those periods of downtime between your big ticket activities.

3. The organisations behind each event often have free resources and ideas, which can provide you with easy and cost-effective ways to keep up the energy and momentum throughout the year.

For a full list, visit the Department of Health website. Or search for the latest calendar on our website!


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